Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking with Kadai Fire-Bowls from BBQs 2u!

BBQs 2u has always been very passionate about barbeque foods and served pizzas and grilled foods for many years in the UK.

It has built enough goodwill and reputation over the years for serving delicious foods to its customers.

Nowadays, BBQs 2u is trying to sell different types of ovens and their accessories so that people can cook the same foods in their own kitchen.

One of the new products BBQs 2u has recently introduced is the Kadai Fire-bowls collection.

This is created out of recycled materials, and each fire-bowl is going to be a unique masterpiece that will combine eco-friendliness with exceptional functionality.

There are diverse range of fire-bowls and Kadai accessories are available, including:

  • Popular sizes of 60cm – ideal for small gathering
  • Size 70cm – great for family barbeques
  • Size 80cm – perfect for 8 or more than 8 people 
  • Larger sizes like 100cm, 120cm are also available for large gatherings

These Kadai fire-bowls can elevate your outdoor experience.

Everything in one for the perfect barbecue experience – 

Kadai is perhaps the only barbecue and fire-bowl that you can find on the market, which is capable of doing everything all in one such as:

  • Grilling
  • Smoking
  • Baking
  • Slow roasting. 

Kadai has been inspired by the traditional way of cooking that is still prevalent in many countries of the world. Also available are various accessories for Kadai to complement any Kadai.

The versatile Recycled Kadai offers both a High Stand for barbecuing and a Low Stand for use as a fire-bowl. 

Available in three sizes each kit includes

  • Kadai Beads for insulation
  • A removable Grill
  • Tongs
  • Wire Brush
  • Large Recycled Fire-bowls available in 100cm and 120cm sizes.

Kadai was born out of a love of being outdoors, which can be utilized for entertaining your guests on any long summer evening, and you can spend time just barbecuing. A Kadai is going to inspire all, whether you are a novice in making barbecue or a professional live-fire chef.

Travel Kadai Collection

The Travel Kadai is another product available at BBQs 2u. It is the most transportable and compact barbecue/fire-bowl rolled into one, which is complete with its own duffle bag. 

This is revolutionized by the amazing outdoors and was created to get:

  • An authentic experience of wild-camping
  • Spontaneous adventures
  • Inviting friends.

Travel Kadai is made out of a certain robust and durable material which can be recycled. This lightweight barbecue can be a handcrafted item and is generally manufactured in any small, family-run workshop available in India.

The 40cm Grill can also be used on its own and is meant for direct cooking or in combination with the skillet and Travel Hook so that you can create a multi-level cooking surface.

Travel Kadai 

This kit is also available with the following accessories: 

  • A Kadai Bowl (40cm)
  • Kadai Beads
  • Stand
  • Grill
  • Cotton Duffle Bag

These can be perfect for trips, festivals, camping holidays or any small terraces. 

BBQs 2u has a large range of items for its customers, and the variety of items keeps changing from time to time. 

To remain fully updated with its latest development, remain in touch with BBQs 2u’s Facebook page. 

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