BBQS 2U – The Allure of the Kadai Firebowl

BBQs 2U is a reliable dealership in Abersoch, UK, that prioritizes customer service and satisfaction. They strive to provide a positive shopping experience with friendly and helpful staff. 

Your BBQ purchase process is smooth because choosing the right grill can be challenging, especially with the variety of top brands and models in their store. 

BBQs 2U values customer feedback and takes steps to address any concerns or issues promptly, ensuring high customer satisfaction. 

For new customers like you, this is an appealing factor. They keep BBQs from brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity, Ooni, Blackstone, etc., and relevant accessories.

You can even choose to barbeque and grill traditionally using the Kadai Firepit. It consists of the following components and features:

  • Bowl or Basin: A large, deep bowl or basin made of heavy-duty materials like cast iron or steel is designed to hold the fire and contain the ashes.
  • Stand or Legs: The fire pit is supported by a stand or legs that elevate the bowl. The stand or legs provide stability and allow proper airflow underneath the fire pit.
  • Handles: The fire bowls have thick handles on the sides. These handles make it easier to move or transport when not in use or when you need to adjust its position.
  • Cooking Grate: The cooking grate provides a surface for grilling food directly over the flames. It is made of cast iron and can be adjusted to different heights.
  • Air Vents: There is one air vent or opening at the bottom of the bowl. It allows for better airflow, which helps regulate the fire’s intensity and ensure efficient combustion.
  • Lid or Cover: Kadai fire bowl lid or cover allows for containing heat and smoke. The lid helps to control the temperature and can also be used for smoking or slow-cooking food.
  • Accessories: There are various accessories available for Fire Pit, such as grill grates, tripods, skewers, lids, fire pit covers, and fire pit tools like pokers and tongs. These accessories can enhance your cooking and grilling experience with the fire pit.

Benefits of Kadai Firebowl


  • Versatility: You can grill various meats, vegetables, and pizzas on top of the Kadai bowl or a dedicated grill attachment.
  • Heat control: With careful management of wood or charcoal, you can achieve reasonable heat control for different grilling styles.
  • Portability: Smaller Kadai fire bowls are easily transported for outdoor activities like camping or picnics.
  • Unique flavor: Charcoal grilling infuses a distinct smoky flavor that some barbecue enthusiasts prefer.

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It is a supportive environment where you can learn how a tripod and hanging chain setupsetup allows you to suspend the fire bowl over the fire. 

This is useful for cooking food that requires less direct heat, such as stews or soups. 

The Kadai fire bowl is versatile, retains heat, and is portable. So, it is a compelling investment, while the variety of materials and accessories allows you to tailor the setup.

So, why not embrace the allure of the Kadai and let it add a touch of magic to your outdoor endeavors?


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