Can Distracted Walking Affect Your Claim in Boston?

Imagine you were walking down the road when you got injured by a car. You can most definitely file a claim in such an instance if it was caused by another party. The question is, what happens if you are partially responsible for being distracted by a call? People often wonder if they will still be able to file a claim under such circumstances. The answer is yes. You should search for a personal injury lawyer near me and get in touch with a competent lawyer. Getting the help of a lawyer can definitely increase your chances of getting compensation in Boston. 

Were you on the phone?

If the answer is yes, you need to understand how dangerous it can be for you or anyone else on the road. Your being negligent on the roads of Boston can not only lead to your accident but also to others. So, you should always make it a point to be safe when crossing roads. The reason we keep emphasizing being alert is because when you get distracted, the chances of you not noticing the traffic lights also increase, which can put everyone else in a terrible situation. Never take it for granted that you can do whatever and nothing will happen, accidents do not come knocking on the door. 

Injuries caused:

The number of accidents that happen in Boston due to distracted walking is quite common, And the most common injuries that have been recorded are broken bones and severe wounds that lead to the loss of limbs.

It is not just the pedestrians who need to be responsible, but also the drivers. Forget about your phone when you are on the road. If it is too important make sure, you are not on the road and are at a safe distance from the other cars. 

Comparative negligence:

When you are partly responsible for an accident, you need to prove that the other party was more liable for the accident. In the event that you were about 20 percent responsible, you will still be able to recover the rest of the percentage of the damages you would have originally gotten. 

Final thoughts:

If you do not have clarity on how much responsibility you share in an accident, a lawyer can help you understand that. Based on it, you can strategize your way forward in the legal system. 

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